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Baseball Crown Lies in Covington
4/25/2012 - by Jordan Fugate
Baseball is a complicated sport, at least statistically speaking, but there is one statistic that has me perplexed today. 21 Wins and 1 Loss; that is Covington Catholicís record so far this season. That record in the 9th region, in any given time-frame, is incredible. Is there much more to say? Does this record speak for itself? Am I asking too many questions? Itís only APRIL 25th; the Colonels could lose every game from here-on-out and still be an above .500 team. Bill Krumpelbeckís squad is flat-out focused this year.

With the help of the Colonels 13 seniors, CovCath has made this season one to remember so far. Their only defeat coming to Dixie Heights on April 7th with an 8-6 loss.

The game of baseball varies. To have a record over .500 is always a notable mark; you arenít going to win every game in baseball. We think of a solid high school baseball team somewhere in the range of (14-7) at this point in the season. Let me reiterate, 21 wins and 1 loss Ö am I the only one that is still trying to figure out how Krumpelbeckís team has done it? Am I the only one who would rather watch these young men give it their ALL as a team, as apposed to paying to see the good ole Reds embarrass themselves so far? I doubt it.

With a pitching rotation of mainly seniors, the Colonels have six games with zero runs allowed and tolerated only two games with five runs or more allowed.

This past weekend CovCath tore through the competition in the Doc Morris Scholarship Tournament, where they faced teams such as Scott, Ryle and Holy Cross. Although, the Colonels most notable win was against Dixie in the championship game where they cruised to an (11-2) victory.

It is easy to see why Covington Catholic is ranked No. 1 in Northern Kentucky, and rightfully so.

If you can, watch this group of young men play a game and keep up with the scores and schedules here at
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High School Basketball
Boone County 63 F
Newport 79
Lloyd 76 F
Ludlow 45
St. Henry 38 F
Covington Catholic 64
Harrison County 64 F
Scott 78
Campbell County 70 F
Dixie 64
Newport Catholic 47 F
Beechwood 60
Cooper 45 F
Conner 57
Simon Kenton 79 F
Ryle 56
Bellevue 77 F
Heritage Academy 57
Nicholas County 67 F
Pendleton County 72
Villa Madonna 57 F
Williamstown 87
Girls High School BBall
Campbell County 57 F
Newport Catholic 50
Walton Verona 68 F
Lloyd 57
Bourbon County 24 F
Brossart 55
Nicholas County 68 F
Pendleton County 43
Holmes 28 F
Cooper 73
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