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Boone County 35 Dixie 14
9/22/2012 - by Eli Hendricks
Dixie Heights came into Boone County looking for their first win, but Boone County came into the game with a little extra incentive to win because of it being their homecoming night.

Both teams have struggled to get a win with Dixie being 0-5 and Boone only being 1-3. Boone had a hot start right out of the gate by going all the way down field on a 10 play drive to score their first of four rushing touchdowns, to take a 7-0 lead.

There were three themes of the game: Boone’s dominance on the ground and scoreboard, and then both teams’ problems turning the ball over, with a combined seven turnovers, five of which were turnover on downs. As usual though if you win the turnover battle you often win the game, Boone won that fight 4-3.

Boone looked like they wanted to win and were playing with motivation. Boone was not going to be beaten on this night. While they didn’t always move the ball well they had two ten play drives, one of ten and the other of sixteen, along with three very big plays. The first was when Jesse Schulze took the ball in on a quarterback keeper, the biggest thing about this was not the run though it was who lead him into the endzone, Blake Ingolia, of whom Schulze splits time at quarterback, had a huge block right at the four yard line and sprung Schulze for the touchdown.

The second was a 56-yard bomb by Schulze to Jeremiah Williams for a long third down touchdown grab. The third big play was a 34-yard touchdown run by Jerry Marshall on third and four as he roughed up a few defenders on his way in.

Williams and Marshall looked like they were easily the best offensive players in this game along with Joe Radenhausen of Dixie who looked very consistent; I would be interested to see what he could do with a lead when the run game becomes the first option. It was unfortunate that his only touchdown came when the game was already out of hand in the fourth quarter.

Dixie Heights never quit, even when the game was out of hand. While they looked like they were over matched all night, they never quit and threatened a few times but only came away with points on two drives.
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