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NKY High School Football Spotlight: Holmes
Bryan Burke - The River City News
It was not a pretty season a year ago for the Holmes Bulldogs on the football season.

After beating Holy Cross in the season opener, they were only able to muster one other win the entire year. That doesn’t discourage head coach Ben Nevels, though, or his program. Nevels is determined to build Holmes football with quality people and is willing to sacrifice wins in order to assemble his team with characters he can believe in.

“Last year we were taking three steps forward and two back, but we knew where we were and we made some conscious decisions. We could cut some corners and win a few more ball games or we can stay the course and do things the right way and it’s going to take us a little while and that was the route we decided to go," said Nevels. "What was done last year, we’re looking forward to this year and we think it’s going to pay off for us.

“Last year, we had some kids that were in their first or second year of ever playing football, but when we started off with this, we decided that we wanted good kids. We didn’t care if they could play or not. We just wanted good kids because we can mold them and teach them, so a lot of the mental mistakes we had last year was part of that. When you step back and look at the big picture, you can see the silver lining that we’re going to grow from this. Just like a little kid, you’ve got to crawl before you can walk.”

He has already seen an improvement from his players this summer in terms of their familiarity with the system which translates into them playing with more confidence.

“This year with 7-on-7 (drills), we’re so much farther along than we were last year. I’ve never put much stock in 7-on-7, but what we’re able to do now compared to last year, we’ve come a long way. That goes a long way towards kids playing with more confidence and having a better understanding of expectations.”
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 Sunday, Dec 3 
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